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Competitive Teams U9-U19

Kansas Rush Wichita is one of the oldest and largest youth soccer clubs in the Wichita Metro area with over 500 players in competitive (U9-U19) age divisions and over another 100 players in the junior academy (U5-U8) age divisions.  KRW also boasts more nationally licensed coaches, who strive to teach the game while encouraging a child's passion for soccer, than any other club in the area.  We are proud to have a dozen high school and college soccer coaches on our KRW coaching staff.

U9 - 2015 Acad Sammy Lane[email protected]316.871.4512USSF National C
U9 - 2015 Rush Dylan Gruntzel[email protected]
USC Premier
U10 - 2014 AcadErnesto Alcantara[email protected]316.680.2514USSF National C, USC Adv Nat
 U10 - 2014 RushNate Lund[email protected]316.573.8213USSF Grassroots
U11 - 2013 AcadDarin Smith   
U11 - 2013 RushAndrea Amos   
 U12 - 2012 AcadErnesto Alcantara[email protected]316.680.2514USSF National C, USC Premier
U12 - 2012 RushRoberto Carrillo[email protected]316.243.7102USSF Grassroots
U13 - 2011 AcadErnesto Alcantara[email protected]316.680.2514USSF National C, USC Premier
U13 - 2011 RushDarin Smith   
U14 - 2010 AcadSean Winterburg[email protected]316.618.4609USSF Grassroots
U14 - 2010 RushNoelle Kramer[email protected]720.810.3172USSF National D
U14 - 2010 NeroAndrea Amos   
U15 - 2009 AcadAdam Hunter
[email protected]316.259.1773USSF National C, USC Premier
U15 - 2009 RushNoelle Kramer[email protected]720.810.3172USSF National D
U16 - 2008 Acad Adam Hunter [email protected] 316.259.1773 USSF National C, USC Premier
U16 - 2008 RushNoelle Kramer[email protected]720.810.3172USSF National D
U17 - 2007 Acad Travis Stipp [email protected] 316.650.6695 USSF National D
U18 - 2006 Acad Adam Hunter [email protected] 316.259.1773 USSF National C, USC Premie
U19 - 2005 Acad Dylan Gruntzel [email protected] 316.518.4846 USC Premier
 HS Girls RushDaniel Moreno
[email protected]316.841.8581
USSF National D
 HS Girls NeroMelo Baca  USSF Grassroots
U9 - 2015 AcadJulian Ramirez[email protected]
USSF Grassroots
U9 - 2015 RushJulian Ramirez[email protected]
USSF Grassroots
U10 - 2014 AcadVictor Olorunfemi[email protected]316.299.8504 
U10 - 2014 RushDaniel Moreno[email protected]316.841.8581USSF National D
U11 - 2013 AcadRey Ramirez[email protected]316.833.8209USSF Grassroots
U11 - 2013 RushAndrew Link[email protected]
USSF GR, USC National Candidate
 U11 - 2013 NeroDaniel Moreno[email protected]316.841.8581USSF National D
U12 - 2012 AcadErnesto Alcantara[email protected]
USSF National C, USC Adv Nat
 U12 - 2012 RushAndrew Link[email protected]316.516.7665USSF GR, USC National Candidate
U13 - 2011 AcadJulian Ramirez[email protected]620.789.1149USSF Grassroots
U14 - 2010 AcadVictor Olorunfemi
[email protected]
U14 - 2010 RushKeila Gillispie   
U15 - 2009 AcadRey Ramirez[email protected]
USSF Grassroots
 U15 - 2009 RushRey Ramirez[email protected]316.833.8209USSF Grassroots
U16 - 2008 Acad Victor Olorunfemi [email protected] 316.299.8504
U17 - 2007 Acad Julian Ramirez [email protected] 620.789.1149 USSF Grassroots
U17 - 2007 RushVictor Olorunfemi[email protected]316.299.8504
U18 - 2006 Acad Alonso Tovar [email protected] 316.730.4636  
U19 - 2005 Acad Dante Texiera
[email protected]
Director of Goalkeeping Travis Stipp [email protected] 316.650.6695 USSF National D, USC GK Adv Nat
Goalkeeper TrainerElena Garcia[email protected] 785.577.1067USSF Grassroots, USC GK Level 1
Goalkeeper Trainer Dustin Nolan [email protected]316.204.0454  
Jr Academy DirectorErnesto Alcantara[email protected]316.680.2514USSF National C, USC Adv Nat


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