Kansas State Cup Champions

2021-22 Teams

Kansas Rush Wichita is one of the oldest and largest youth soccer clubs in the Wichita Metro area with over 450 players in competitive (U9-U19) age divisions and over another 100 players in the junior academy (U5-U8) age divisions.  KRW also boasts more nationally licensed coaches, who strive to teach the game while encouraging a child's passion for soccer, than any other club in the area.  We are proud to have a dozen high school and college soccer coaches on our KRW coaching staff.

U9 - 2013 Acad Junior Galvan[email protected]316.308.3270USSF Grassroots
U9 - 2013 Rush Nate Lund[email protected]316.573.8213USSF Grassroots
 U10 - 2012 AcadErnesto Alcantara[email protected]316.680.2514USSF National C, USC Adv Nat
U10 - 2012 RushRoberto Carrillo[email protected]316.243.7102USSF Grassroots
U11 - 2011 AcadTravis Stipp[email protected]316.650.6695USSF National D
U11 - 2011 RushJunior Galvan[email protected]316.308.3270USSF Grassroots
U12 - 2010 AcadSean Winterburg[email protected]316.618.4609USSF Grassroots
U13 - 2009 AcadAdam Hunter
[email protected]316.259.1773USSF National C, USC Premier
U14 - 2008 Acad Adam Hunter [email protected] 316.259.1773 USSF National C, USC Premier
U14 - 2008 RushTBA[email protected]316.259.1773 
U15 - 2007 Acad Travis Stipp [email protected] 316.650.6695 USSF National D
U15 - 2007 RushRey Ramirez[email protected]
USSF Grassroots
U16 - 2006 Acad Travis Stipp [email protected] 316.650.6695 USSF National D
U16 - 2006 RushMorgan Bardwell[email protected]405.410.3948USSF National D
U17 - 2005 Acad Dylan Gruntzel [email protected] 316.518.4846 USC Premier
U18 - 2004 Acad Adam Hunter [email protected] 316.259.1773 USC Premier, USSF National C
U19 - 2003 Acad Adam Hunter [email protected] 316.259.1773 USC Premier, USSF National C
HS Rush (06-03) Dylan Gruntzel[email protected]316.518.4646 USC Premier
U9 - 2013 AcadRey Ramirez[email protected]316.833.8209USSF Grassroots
U9 - 2013 RushAndrew Link[email protected]
USSF Grassroots
U10 - 2012 AcadErnesto Alcantara[email protected]
USSF National C, USC Premier
 U10 - 2012 RushAndrew Link[email protected]316.516.7665USSF Grassroots
U11 - 2011 AcadJulian Ramirez[email protected]620.789.1149USSF Grassroots
U12 - 2010 AcadSteven Huskey[email protected]316.737.8518USSF National D
U12 - 2010 RushSteven Huskey[email protected]316.737.8518USSF National D
U13 - 2009 AcadRey Ramirez[email protected]
USSF Grassroots
U14 - 2008 Acad Luke Cottage [email protected] 316.252.5101
U15 - 2007 Acad Julian Ramirez [email protected] 620.789.1149 USSF Grassroots
U15 - 2007 RushVictor Olorunfemi[email protected]316.299.8504
U16 - 2006 Acad Julian Ramirez [email protected] 620.789.1149 USSF Grassroots
U17 - 2005 AcadJames Cottage[email protected]405.838.3097
U17 - 2005 RushJames Cottage[email protected]405.838.3097
U18 - 2004 Acad Adam Hunter [email protected] 316.259.1773 USC Premier, USSF National C
U19 - 2003 Acad Scott Dyer [email protected] 316.734.2591 USSF National B, USSF Nat Youth
HS Rush (06-03) Bryan Sailer [email protected] 620.344.2800 USC National
Director of Goalkeeping Travis Stipp [email protected] 316.650.6695 USSF National D, USC GK Adv Nat
Asst. Goalkeeper TrainerJackie Lari[email protected]949.742.0257 
Asst. Goalkeeper Trainer Elena Garcia [email protected]785.577.1067 USSF Grassroots, USC GK Level 1
JR AcademyErnestoAlcantara[email protected]316.680.2514USC Adv National, USSF National C
JR AcademyJunior Galvan 316.308.3270 
JR AcademyElena Garcia 785.577.1067 
JR AcademyDavie Gray 316.214.1045 
JR AcademyAndrew Link 316.516.7665 
JR AcademyPhilip Edgar 404.644.1618 
 JR AcademyNate Lund 316.573.8213 
JR AcademyDaniel Moreno 316.841.8581 
JR AcademyRey Ramirez 316.833.8209 
JR AcademyJay Homes 316.258.8789 
JR AcademyJackie Lari 949.742.0257 
JR AcademyLuke Cottage 316.252.5101 


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